Complaints procedure

Complaints Policy & Procedures
The purpose of this policy to ensure that all complaints received are dealt with swiftly and appropriately, and that issues are resolved in a professional manner.

This policy and procedure applies to all Learners, employers and other stakeholders

Relevant Documents:
Complaints Form (download here)

1. Any member of staff who receives a verbal complaint should attempt to resolve the problem immediately and having done so must inform their line manager of the nature of the complaint and action taken.

2. A Complaints Form should be completed for each complaint received and emailed to the Head of Quality and Operations, copying in the line manager.

3. If the member of staff is unable to resolve the complaint they should ask the complainant to put their complaint in writing and bring the matter to the immediate attention of their line manager who should respond to the complaint within 2 working days of receipt. All written complaints must be given to the Head of Quality and Operations on the day of receipt

4. If the person making the complaint needs help in putting their complaint in writing this should be provided by someone who the complainant is happy to be supported by.

5. Where the complaint involves either a member of staff or a learner, the line manager or a senior manager should discuss the matter with the parties concerned.

6. If the line manager is not able to resolve the complaint, it can be escalated to the Head of Quality and Operations, who will provide a full written response within 5 working days.

7. If the complainant is not satisfied by the above procedures, they can escalate finally to the Managing Director.

8. The Head of Quality and Operations is responsible for maintaining a Complaints Folder of
all verbal and written complaints which contains copies of complaints and Mark Solutions

9. Where a complaint requires disciplinary action to be taken against either a member of
staff or a learner, the appropriate Disciplinary Procedure must be followed.